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Explore Godrej Mangroves


SPGMEC helps you to explore the magnificent mangroves through

  • Guided Nature trails in Mangroves, Breathtaking view from towers,
  • Visit to marine aquarium
  • Interactive displays, posters, games in the Interpretation centre
  • Presentations, talks and filmshows on Mangroves and associated wildlife

Apart from Mangrove Awareness program
Centre has developed modules on different topics such as

1. Biodiversity Conservation
2. Mangroves as Bio resources
3. Combating Global Climate Change
4. Butterflies around us
5. Birds in Mangrove Environment
6. Solid Waste Management
7. Medicinal plants

Visits to theme parks such as Medicinal plant garden, Palm garden, Orchidarium,
Nursery of garden plants and vermi-compost project can also be organized as an additional activity

Contact Us : (Click Here)

For Mangrove Nature trails and other programs please contact us on 0226796/ 1097 during weekdays between 9 am to 5.30 pm