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Results of Wildlife Photography Contest Organized by Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre

Judges : Dr. Parvish Pandya, Zoologist, Wildlife Photographer

  Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Ornithologist, Wildlife Photographer
(Note All pictures are copyrighted pls do not use them without owners permission)
Godrej Groups

First Prize

Ashy Prinia with Spider by Sachin Patil
Godrej Infotech Ltd. - Plant 19A

Wild Flower by Nikhil Shinde
Plant 15 PED, G&B

Second Prize

Water Lily by Anil Panchal
Plant 15, Design Dept, G&B

Mothercare (Elephant) by Ruby Aderbad
G&B Family

Third Prize

Kingfisher by Ashim Koul
MHE Div, Plant 16, G&B

Coppersmith Barbet by Freddy Wadiwalla
Plant 11, G&B

Rare Flower : Ceropegia Sahyadrica by Aaditya Dharap
Plant 19A, Godrej Efacec Automation & Robotics ltd.
Mother Monkey by Ninad Ambre
G&B Family
Pond Heron by Avinash
Plant 4 - Mumbai Branch, G&B
Fruits by Sanchita Ambre
G&B Family
Myna by Vispi Master E and E , G&B
Garden Lizard by Behram Aderbad G&B
Water Lily by Mrunal Chopdekar
Godrej Hillside Club

Garden Yellow Flower - Racial Tone by Sanket Shikhare

Musanda - Garden Flower by Avinash
Plant 4 - Mumbai Branch

Monkey by Prashant Shelar
Squirrel by Havovi
G&B Family
Non G&B
First Prize

The Mormott Family Abode by Ramnath Mankame
Andheri (W)

Budding Beauty Plant - Anthorium by Preethi Sriram
Second Prize

Robberfly by Pritesh Nandvikar

Fan throated lizard by Sanjeev Shevade
Dadar, Mumbai - 14
Third Prize
Flamingos in flight by Dr. Arun PR
Black Francolin calling' by Veer Vaibhav Mishra
Moti Virani, Kutch, Gujarat
Consolation Prizes
Indirana beddomii / (Tree Frog) by Sumasantosh
Common Indian Tree Frog by Parveen Shaikh Mumbai

Other Pictures

Blue magic by Sanjeev Shevade
Marmot by Preethi Sriram
Vulture by Veer Vaibhav Mishra
Moti Virani, Kutch, Gujarat
Lime butterfly by Dr. PR Arun
Mongoose by Dr. PR Arun