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What can I do to save Mangroves...........


  • Get acquainted with the mangroves near your area.

  • Be vigilant towards activities happening in your surrounding areas and keep an open eye to note destruction in mangrove areas.

  • Complain to the local authorities in case you observe any violation.

  • Mangroves are now protected by law. If you find any kind of mangrove destruction, complain to the Forest Department or to the police. Both these authorities are equipped to take action under the Maharashtra Tree Felling Act and Environment Protection Act.

  • Join organizations like the Mangrove Society of India, which are working specifically for the conservation of mangroves. (Join Now)  Most importantly try to create awareness among as many people as possible.

  • Participate in scientific plantations of mangroves flora at all possible areas.



Photo courtesy: Mr. Laxmikant Deshpande
                               Dr. Maya Mahajan
Map of Mumbai by Mr. Mukul Mahabaleshwarkar