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Mangrove aquarium-function-6th June

Constructi?on employees gathered at Jettye

Mr Rathor sharing his thoughts on the occasionn

Maya explaining the theme of the World Environment Day

Nature lovers from Constructi?on Division

Symbolic Plantation of Mangrove sapling by Mr Pingale, AGM

Constructi?on group at Mangroves

Inaugurati?on of Mangrove aquarium by Mr Cyrus Shroff, and Sr most citizen Mr Lalbahadur

Hemant sharing informatio?n about fishes in Mangrove ecosystem

Employees watching fishes in mangrove aquarium

Mangrove ecosystem supports marine life

Nature trail

Marching towards hillock

Nature trail in Mangroves

Treking in the Mangroves

Enjoying nature walk

Participation from all departments

Admiring the amazing view of mangrove forest

Construction team enjoying the cool breeze in Mangrove forest

Marine aquarium with rare fishes

Mangrove aquarium

Informativ?e posters

Collage of Sea horse and fishes by UPS students

Shingada (barb fish)

Mudskipper fish and fiddler crab

Fiddler Crab-Mangrove associated crab

Barb fish (Shingada)

Tilapia fish

Shark -collage- by Udayachal primary School student